English has a pre-eminent place in education and in society. A high-quality education in English will teach pupils to speak and write fluently so that they can communicate their ideas and emotions to others and through their reading and listening, others can communicate with them. Through reading in particular, pupils have a chance to develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually. Literature, especially, plays a key role in such development. Reading also enables pupils both to acquire knowledge and to build on what they already know. All the skills of language are essential to participating fully as a member of society; pupils, therefore, who do not learn to speak, read and write fluently and confidently are effectively disenfranchised. 

Our English progression maps can be found here. 

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Updated: September 2023

Review Date: September 2024

English Policy

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Exploring Statements from the National Curriculum

World Book Day: We are excited to take part in World Book Day on Thursday 7th March 2024! Details will follow but look out for those brilliant book tokens to spend on some lovely stories. 

Writing - 

Click on the link to find out how we teach writing at the Dales Federation :Talk 4 Writing 

Spring Writing Competition

KS2 Writing Competition Incoming: Calling all of our budding KS2 writers, we have an exciting writing competition linked with Pobble and Booths all to do with healthy eating. You will need to pick a setting, a character and a problem. Once you have all of your ingredients, you will be well on your way to baking a delicious story. Details about the competition will be sent via email, including submission dates. Happy writing!

Brailsford Parish Magazine: Our journalists of the future at Brailsford school, have been writing termly for our local Parish magazine. These are delivered free to homes in Brailsford and we have a few copies in the Reception area at Brailsford school so please do have a read of the children’s wonderful articles. 

Reading - 

Have a look at our fantastic reading spaces at Brailsford and Bradley schools, the children can take home a book each week to enjoy with their families. We have a variety of books on offer and are always on the lookout for more and welcome any donations. Each library has a dedicated team of librarians, who love to keep our shelves tidy, recommend lots of brilliant reads and keep our topic books organised. 

Book Bingo: Don’t forget to take part in our brilliant Book Bingo competition. If your child is in Year 2 upwards, they will have a Book Bingo sheet in their Reading Records. For every book they read (cover to cover), see if you can fill out a box on your Book Bingo sheet and get it signed by a member of staff in school. Full House! You will be entered into a draw in the Summer term to see if you can win some fabulous book prizes! 

Scholastic Book Fair: Roll up, Roll up! The Scholastic book fair came to both of our schools in January. There were lots of fantastic new books to discover and with every purchase made it added to our pot of money so we can buy books for our Brailsford and Bradley schools. On Monday, our children were excited to fill out their Wish Lists when they visited the Book Fair and shared them with their families to buy books in school or online. 

Brailsford Ploughing Match Writing: 

In October, the Federation was invited to take part in the poetry competition at the Brailsford Ploughing Match. Turing Class from Bradley and Pankhurst Class from Brailsford entered their pieces of poetry (Haikus) and we won some lovely prizes - well done our Federation poets!

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An invitation sent out to Parents and Carers for a drop in session where we can help with encouraging children to read for pleasure.